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True. It's because Wolfe uses so many literary antecedents. AND bad 
puns. Both of which fit into the "duh" category---if you've read the 
author in question, or if you get the pun. What a huge project that 
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> > Fascinating!
> > 
> > The "apparatus" is clearly a Kafka reference, and one that has been in my memory since I first I read that story as a child.

It strikes me that we could probably learn a lot if there were some way to get everything in Wolfe that seems obvious to some reader and pile all of those together in one place.  For instance, I was all aboard the "Nessus is Buenos Aires" train when I read _BotNS_ first at 13 or 14, because I was also in the throes of a Borges phase and Master Ultan was obviously, clearly, no question about it, Borges.  Same with "Baldanders."

Later I found out this might be controversial.

I strongly suspect if we actually put everything together that each reader had always said "Well, DUH, I didn't mention it because I thought everyone knew it already," then we'd actually discover a lot of stuff.

Sort-of-speaking-of-which as someone-who-likes-Baum-way-too-much (although I think Wolfe is Just Plain Wrong about Ruth Plumly Thompson), man, "The Eyeflash Miracles" is brilliant.

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