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Brian Lovely brian at studiobl.com
Tue Mar 17 11:30:56 PDT 2009

In Zora Neal Hurston's "Tell My Horse" she describes how a Voodoo deity
possesses a worshiper.  The deity passes a message/instruction to the
worshippers, adding an injunction to "tell my horse" --i.e. the possessed
worshipper - when the possession is over.  That's an example of an "internal
rider".  I figured Babbie was a horned animal, with two horns, and Horn
making three.


Brian Lovely





while we've been talking about Babbie,


what do people make of that Horn in Babbie concept that was thrown around
years ago.  Stu pointed it out to me.


what the hell is up with that?

I don't think I buy that at all, but I understand the knee bit, and the
outsider calling for Babbie confounds the reading.  That an the "Beast with
three horns bit"  What else could be a beast with Three horns. Are horns
just a metaphor for souls, which, seem to number 3 in Horn, but, the
prophesy is that Horn will ride that beast, not be part of that beast, so
I'm not sure if you could be a horn, and be a rider.  hurm...


When I read it, I felt Babbie mirrored (in a way) Pig.  Horn had Babbie with
him on one leg, and Pig with him on the other.  Both are pigs of sorts.







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