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The cop is not a Wolfean hero, he is a bend-the-rules sort of cop who has been called on out of the blue to pay back a favor and is annoyed.

However, on that note, who killed the hapless doorman who was sent to lure her out to talk to.. whoever it was... in the alley?

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> Ha, gotcha! Actually the subject line is completely pertinent and completely Wolfe, ala An Evil Guest. Does anyone have any idea why Wolfe bothers to have the cop that meets Cassie in the soda/ice cream shop tell the girl working there to "Shut the fuck up." I mean, it was so jarring and so un Wolfe-ish, that I did a double take and then started laughing my ass off. It really is pretty funny, but does anyone think there's a reason for it that furthers the story?
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