(urth) Secret of the Inhumi - Please Destroy My Theory

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Thu Mar 26 15:13:42 PDT 2009

Some great points here, but let me refine a bit:

I'm not saying the inhumi would die, but would devolve back into some other
form.  Horn explicitly states that if he used the secret, the inhumi would
become no more dangerous than crocodiles.  So if there is no human
population on Green, that might make it more difficult for them to get human

I think they are capable of surviving by feeding on non-humans. The reason
> they want humans on Green is so they will be more accessible to inhuma to
> ensoul their children.

This is what I'm saying!  That is it, if there aren't humans on green, it's
harder to ensoul their children.  Although if Kraits mother took the soul
from Sinew, then she must have gone back to Green during Conjunction, and
therefore you wouldn't need Landers at all, which kills part of my theory.

> No. But it would be harder if landers stopped going to Green entirely. They
> still have a population on Blue. If stopping the landers to Green were all
> it took, then I'm sure the Mainframe workers could have figured out a way to
> have the monitors never schedule trips to Green anymore.
> Anyway, in RTTW Silk receives a word from Pas that it is not necessary for
> anymore Cargo to disembark the Whorl. He's going to stop making the Cargo
> miserable there to force them to disembark. So mission accomplished there
> already.

I don't see why, if Mainframe knew about what was happening on Green, they
wouldn't stop the Landers from going to Green anyway.  I hardly see why, if
they knew what was going on, they wouldn't have stoped it already, so I
don't think that tracks.

> I just can't see a point to this beyond orneriness on Wolfe's part (not
> that that is not reason enough). There's no actual evidence that I know of
> that the inhumi don't cross that way. Some readers just find it implausible.
> But Wolfe is criticized for this all the time.
> Anyway, I don't think the landers refuel at the Whorl, do they? So they
> will eventually stop on their own.

I DO think the Inhumi travel across the void during conjunction, so I'm
actually not one of *those* people...   And the bit about fuel is
intriguing.  I wonder how much fuel they have in them?  Seems like the
Pajarocu lander has made at least several trips....

Hmmm...at first I thought you were going to suggest this quote means that
> Urth is Green or Blue. That would be a compelling reference, I suppose.

I don't buy the Urth as Green or Blue idea.  I see far far too much against
the idea, as neat as it is.  There is some resonance in the Sewer scene that
I'm struggling with yet.

> Well, I don't think I can prove this is NOT so. But I don't think the
> landers are so pivotal as you theory implies.

I would agree.  My post lunch excitement about this idea is fast draining.
Must have been a curry buzz or something.

>  (and I now DO think it was Silk, with the bit of Pas in him,
>> that makes the Whorl leave the system)
> Oh wait! You mean this makes you agree with me about this? Then, in that
> case, it must be so!
> ;-)
> I do agree.  I think Pas and Silk have bonded.  Seriously bonded.  And I
think removing the Whorl does remove the Past for those on Blue.

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