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I took the Harbinger of Doom thing to be the fact that she led them to the
first Blasted Earth.  That was pretty doomish, and she was responsible for
that, too.

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> This "Ancient Astronauts" sort of idea is one of the best aspects of the
> endings.  all the cultural reports of knowledge being handed down from the
> gods... funny.  OF course they had to get rid of the ships. there's none in
> our archeological record. (not that they would care when deciding...)
> couple things:
> A few of the responses about how hard subsistence farming is, along with
> the tone of some of the responses regarding primtive humans, makes it much
> more clearer to me why Kara was the Harbinger Of Doom.  This sort of ending
> is a doom for many people. Just as many people read the Urth/Ushas rebirth
> as a horrible tragedy, many would see this the same.
> Yeah, it would be really hard to live like that, but the point is that
> they're going native.
> If this story had one basic msg (along with it's many subthemes) it's that
> our technology destroys us or alienates us from our humanity.  Moore's
> answer is sort of comically simple. Throw it all away and go native. I
> really took the ending as a sort of lark twist ending. The whole show had
> been so serious, juggling one double edged sword after another. They just
> used the classic tongue in cheek twist ending tone to give us our final
> double edged sword as a sort of lighthearted joke.  It ties in very well
> thematically,  if a little hard to swallow that everyone would go along with
> it.
> also: some grumbling over the fact that they spread out rather than forming
> a society.  I'm sure that in the 40,000 left, some spread, some stayed
> together.
> Re: Adama choosing to live where Roslin died. It's LITERALLY perfect. He
> took the prophesy absolutely to the letter. "The dying leader will guide
> them to their new home"   Adama went with her all the way to the point where
> she died, and that was his new home.  not one step further, not one step
> back. They dying leader was dying all along, but she only really died then.
>  so, a perfectly literal enactment of the prophesy.
> also: some grumbling about Hera being useless in light of interbreeding
> with Natives.  Nah. She was just the evidence and symbol of hope that showed
> them the possibility and brought them together. There's nothing particular
> about her genetics that is overridden by the native opportunity.  Just a
> symbol and catalyst.
> ~Witz
> >The History Channel just aired a 2 hour "Ancient Astronauts" speical with
> Erich Von Daniken that was pretty interesting....
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> >> I think you underestimate the hardship of a subsistence lifestyle, no
> >matter
> >> the fertility of the area you reside in and cultivate.
> >
> >Of course they would not last a month as farmers. They would have to beg
> their
> >way into the indigenous tribes and learn to be hunter gatherers in order
> to
> >survive. Anyone who wants to understand how impossible it would be for
> 99.999%
> >of Americans and Western Europeans to go back only 150 years and start a
> farm in
> >Kansas should read the first couple Laura Engles Wilder books. Those
> people
> >spent their entire lives learning to subsistence farm and that was with
> steel
> >plows and tools.
> >
> >However, having the colonists interbreed with pre-historic humans is the
> only
> >thing about this ending that I didn't mind. It's TVish and hokey but it
> >works thematically. You'd have to be at least in your 40s to remember the
> >"Chariots of the Gods" documentary movie that so influenced the
> >original BSG.  But the ending works at that level.
> >
> >J.
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