(urth) Blood Pudding (was Neighbors as Faeries)

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The inhumi are usually referred to as reptilian, but I got the impression from somewhere that they did indeed evolve from plants. Wouldn't be surprised if the Neighbors did too.

It fits that they can survive when buried (thus, inhumi), and it fits the discussion of plant hybridization.


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Y'know, I think I got the tree in the pit from all the other tree-references
throughout the books.  Also because the Inhumi seem to be associated with
parasitic vines-Incanto's staff is a vine that has a kind of face on the
top, and appears to unsettle people, as if it is more than just a stick of
wood.  I put this together with the "bristly hand" (not sure of the
description from the book) that Horn feels, and got a tree.  Isn't there
also a "maw" of some kind?  I remember getting an image of a typical
fairy-story anthropomorphic tree with some kind of hollow serving as a
mouth.  "Spider" and "man with a long nose" made me think of various
impressions a dying man might get from a mobile, anthropomorphic tree.
.plus, there's the ruined greenhouse-dome Horn and Seawrack find.  Has
intelligent life on Green evolved from plants?  Are the Neighbors
tree-people, and know that they must retain their vigor through
hybridization?  As primitive as the Inhumi are without benefit of human
blood-like leeches or fish-did they begin as parasitic vines?   

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