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I doubt they'll have an easier time of it.  Again, I think you underestimate
the power of a centralised population, and overestimate how plentiful
sustenance will be.  They will have a HARDER time of it on Earth than they
did on New Caprica, and New Caprica forced privation on the populace.
Obviously, also, they DON'T congregate, since they're meant to fit into our
history, and a civilised city-state at that point in time would have jumped
humanity forward many, many years.  This is all part of why I think the
finale is ridiculous, by the way.  It's just a huge stretch by the writers.
I liked the series, I liked the character arc conclusions (except for
Anders' and Kara's [not their relationship, I mean them]), but the plot
conclusion I found mind-bogglingly stupid.

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Jeremy Francis wrote:
> I think you underestimate the hardship of a subsistence lifestyle, no
> the fertility of the area you reside in and cultivate.  I doubt they had
> seed onboard, wild strains tend to be very difficult to cultivate
> successfully; spreading over the globe they would also be insuring that
> there would be no skills sharing so that successful farmers could teach
> unsuccessful... 

These concerns and the rest in your post are already addressed by their 
survival on the relatively barren New Caprica - If they were making a go 
  of it there, they'll have a much easier time of it with plentiful game 
and if they find out they are spread too thin, they can use the 
remaining Raptors to regroup.

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