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Son of Witz wrote:

> [complete spoilitude follows]
> my big questions were answered, and most threads were resolved, even if 
> pat TV answers weren't given. Maybe Wolfe has conditioned me to get less 
> confirmation.
> the biggest unresolved issue, to me is "they have a plan"  well, what 
> was it.
> the thing ended up exactly where I'd been hoping and suspecting, a 
> merger of the biological beings, a new humanity, a separation from 
> centurions, a new Home on Earth, a clean slate.  So, whatever the plan 
> was, even if it was demonic, it's fruit was what I'd hoped for, and as 
> the story seems to indicate, as God intended.
> hmm. where have I seen that before. SF Quasi-Angelic eugenics plan for 
> bettering humanity and an apocatastasis for humanity, and cyclical 
> iterations of Earth, and cyclical iterations of humanity creating beings 
> that think they're better who put humanity through the crucible?  Gods 
> plans working through flawed and evil beings?  Survivors of a ship 
> landing on a new earth and going native?
> It all seems VERY New Sun to me.
> Starbuck is an angelic eidolon of sorts.  What else could she be? It 
> begs the question of who resurrects and how? but I'm okay with the 
> delicious ambiguity there.

The exceptional thing is that it happened at least _twice_; there was no 
way for the "first" Starbuck's corpse and wreckage to have gotten from 
the gas giant to Earth. I think this also hints that the the disappeared 
Starbuck *went* somewhere instead of dissipated. Unfortunately, she is 
not shown in the epilogue.

> this is as resolved as I need it to be. my wife disagrees.  The "big 
> reveal" was her disappearance.   Wouldn't angel wings or dialogue have 
> been cheesy?
> My wife would want me to hedge that with the questions of why she had 
> that role, why she had that song?  I'm okay with it. There was enough 
> early prophesy with her finding the arrow, with her as the angelic 
> masthead for Adama's boat.  "Harbinger of Doom" is problematic.  But 
> again, as we've argued on the list, an clean slate reset is often seen 
> as doom, even though it's a rebirth.

Harbinger of _death_.  Which could refer to he prowess as a warrior, or 
that anyone she shacks up with end up untimely dead?

> Operah house has been going on since what, season 2?  people kept saying 
> they'd dropped the ball.   I beg to differ. A good example of the fact 
> that they did know where they were going. I think there is enough on 
> display to see that they knew who it would end. it was all the threads 
> beginning to end that they wove together as they went.

You made a typo there, that "who" was better known than "what" - but the 
real murkiness was what the Cylon's plot could possibly be - and we 
still really don't have a good idea of what rational plan "John" could 
have had that would have attracted the participation of the less insane 

> Cavil's cop out was even ok, if a little easy. He went against all of 
> his petty issues and made a truce in the name of his peoples survival.  
> He doesn't seem to want to stay around to see it, or see it fall apart. 
> but he killed himself instead of killing the truce.

Did we watch the same show? The truce with Cavil's people ended before 
he killed himself.

> funny bit with Gaelin going north.
> wonder if his strain evolves into the Gaelic peoples...

a lone, sterile cylon skinjob on an island with no people?

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