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Son of Witz sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org
Sat Mar 21 08:32:41 PDT 2009

On Mar 21, 2009, at 7:42 AM, James Wynn wrote:
> Well, Witz.
> They didn't really explain any of the big mysteries here except one:
> "Did the writers have any idea what were the answers to the puzzles  
> and weirdo-visions they've
> been posing over the last 4 years?"
> "no"
> (Also it's 3 hours were padded with at least an hour and a half of  
> self-indulgent "Grey's Anatomy" gunk. My wife said "What happened to  
> Starbuck? All they've got here is Katie Sackhoff".)
> J.

I'm not sure I could disagree more.

[complete spoilitude follows]

my big questions were answered, and most threads were resolved, even  
if pat TV answers weren't given. Maybe Wolfe has conditioned me to get  
less confirmation.
the biggest unresolved issue, to me is "they have a plan"  well, what  
was it.

the thing ended up exactly where I'd been hoping and suspecting, a  
merger of the biological beings, a new humanity, a separation from  
centurions, a new Home on Earth, a clean slate.  So, whatever the plan  
was, even if it was demonic, it's fruit was what I'd hoped for, and as  
the story seems to indicate, as God intended.

hmm. where have I seen that before. SF Quasi-Angelic eugenics plan for  
bettering humanity and an apocatastasis for humanity, and cyclical  
iterations of Earth, and cyclical iterations of humanity creating  
beings that think they're better who put humanity through the  
crucible?  Gods plans working through flawed and evil beings?   
Survivors of a ship landing on a new earth and going native?
It all seems VERY New Sun to me.

Starbuck is an angelic eidolon of sorts.  What else could she be? It  
begs the question of who resurrects and how? but I'm okay with the  
delicious ambiguity there.
this is as resolved as I need it to be. my wife disagrees.  The "big  
reveal" was her disappearance.   Wouldn't angel wings or dialogue have  
been cheesy?
My wife would want me to hedge that with the questions of why she had  
that role, why she had that song?  I'm okay with it. There was enough  
early prophesy with her finding the arrow, with her as the angelic  
masthead for Adama's boat.  "Harbinger of Doom" is problematic.  But  
again, as we've argued on the list, an clean slate reset is often seen  
as doom, even though it's a rebirth.

Astral 6 & Astral Gaius as angelic guides.

One of my biggest questions was Why Baltar? You knew he had a higher  
destiny all along.
leave it to our most morally and ethically confused fence-straddler to  
be able to voice the call for peace when it really frakking mattered.
being called a fence straddler all my life, I can REALLY relate to this.

My other biggest question was where Our Earth and Our Humanity fit  
in.  Great answers in that dept.

Operah house has been going on since what, season 2?  people kept  
saying they'd dropped the ball.   I beg to differ. A good example of  
the fact that they did know where they were going. I think there is  
enough on display to see that they knew who it would end. it was all  
the threads beginning to end that they wove together as they went.

oh, also I loved all the Caprica story arc resolutions, especially  
Roslin. She'd had enough frivolous fun, sleeping with her student. She  
decides to commit to a campaign "All the way to the end".  Boomer  
promising Adama that she'd pay back the favor when it really  
mattered.  Ellen just wants to be with Saul, no matter where or how  

Oh. Lee and Starbuck on the table. brother: "Somethings broken..."

Cavil's cop out was even ok, if a little easy. He went against all of  
his petty issues and made a truce in the name of his peoples  
survival.  He doesn't seem to want to stay around to see it, or see it  
fall apart. but he killed himself instead of killing the truce.

funny bit with Gaelin going north.
wonder if his strain evolves into the Gaelic peoples...

Pure gold.  I don't suppose I could have been happier with it. I  
laughed my ass off at how perfect it all was.
manaically cackling in fact.  so much fun.

thanks again Jordon Flato for turning me onto Gene Wolfe and  
Battlestar Gallactica. I owe you two.
maybe three when I crack that Gurdjieff book you gifted me.

spectacularly frakking awesome.


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