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i always took that as a straight clue. The fluid nature of time is evident in NS and many myths.

The story The Ziggurat contains a direct conversion of the slow-time-in-Elfland idea (where a moment takes 100 years, as in Wizard Knight) to space-time-travel science fiction ...


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Dorcas thinks that the Claw works by reversing time.  I've always thought
that that was wrong-headed--that it just works because it's divine

Now that I read this passage, however, I'm starting to come around to
Dorcas's view.  My knowledge of physics is pretty minimal, but I have this
vague idea that time slows down as one speeds up and would actually go
backwards if one could exceed the speed of light, which of course is
impossible.  But if it *weren't *impossible, it would still be *impractical
*because of the tremendous amount of energy it would take...unless one had
the ability to channel some kind of divine energy, flowing from a higher
plane of existence, much like Severian does.  Maybe that's *exactly *how the
Claw works, and this thing about the flower leaping into being is a hint of

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