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>Not at all. But I'm allowing myself to be understood too literally. 
>I'm suggesting that Wolfe rewrites or incorporates myths and mythical systems, and that we can easily recognize elements from time to time. So Pas is obviously Zeus; certain people have a certain resonance with Christ, some characters resemble angels, others fairy-tale monsters, and still others are people who can't be seen unless they want you to see them. Like the Little People of Ireland, the Neighbors once lived on Blue but now have gone away and will never be seen again. Or not.
>Divinity has nothing to do with it, in other words. It's more about niches in literary ecosystems. Just as a horse goddess could be worshiped across pre-Roman Europe under dozens of names, figures out of myth can easily be mixed up and switched around.

This is an excellent post. You've stated very succinctly his technique, which I had understood, but seeing it framed like that is a reminder that helps me see the forest amongst the trees.

So, similar to Jordon's response, I'm with you on the faerie circle buck concept, and that it introduces Horn to their world and he is changed for it. I think no one could deny that this has happened in the mythic sense.
As to the particular Horn version, I think he was just repaired. There's no mechanism for a body cloning by Neighbors who might somehow also be bucks. Repair just makes sense without adding any devices. The fact that the Neighbors, on Green, tell him they could repair him (but you would still be here) is enough proof for me that they can do this, and it's more proof than any Neighbors as Greenbucks (or trees)

I was unaware of the faerie circle / buck symbol.


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