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I can't imagine Typhon having knowledge of Ushas.  Seems against the
thematics to me....

And yeah, I've always interpreted that "killed their father" line as an
acknowledgement that there is nothing left of Horn in Silk, even though he's
been pretending their is.

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> >Where are they all going? To find another planet to colonize, I suppose.
> But this is one of the more hurtful events for believing that the Short Sun
> is Sol. After returning to a depopulated Urth or Ushas. Why are they leaving
> again?
> Maybe part of Typhon's plan was not only to go to new worlds, but to return
> to Urth after it's become Ushas. Maybe he knows about the test and the white
> fountain and such, since the black hole exists in his time. Just like he
> attempted to have himself on the other side of the star crossing, maybe he
> wanted to be on the other side of the NewSun Flooding.
> So, after that's accomplished, more starcrossing.
> ????
> >
> >Silk was always "there". That's his body. He's got a brain full of
> memories. His love for Hyacinth is still there, in that regard. I would
> guess that Horn's memories only exist anymore in the memory of the Neighbor.
> You seem to be thinking of the Raja as a Neighbor in human disguise. He's
> not. Like the Mani the cat, he's neither Neighbor nor Horn nor Silk. He's a
> new thing.
> Despite my reticence to accept the whole idea, I guess it is compelling in
> light of the "I killed your father" bit.  I don't understand though why a
> Neighbor / Faerie would have any grief over killing Horn if that's a
> standard Faerie activity ? crossing folks over after a stag chace.
> Has Silk's spirit just crowded Horn's out?
> Is Silk speaking metaphorically? It was the quest for Silk that killed
> Horn. perhaps he feels guilty for being both the object and the inspiration
> for the quest.
> ~witz
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