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On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 6:37 PM, James Wynn <crushtv at gmail.com> wrote:

>  >I think the sine qua non has got to be that it's really
> >Silk talking to Remora at the big reveal, right?
> >Either Silk was clinging to his body when Neighbor/Horn(?)
> >got poured into it, or Silk reentered the body via Pig at
> >some point, but that's Silk in there at the end.
> >Not necessarily "only" Silk, though.
> Silk was always "there". That's his body. He's got a brain full of
> memories. His love for Hyacinth is still there, in that regard. I would
> guess that Horn's memories only exist anymore in the memory of the Neighbor.
> You seem to be thinking of the Raja as a Neighbor in human disguise. He's
> not. Like the Mani the cat, he's neither Neighbor nor Horn nor Silk. He's a
> new thing.

But it isn't just like Mani the Cat, is it?  Mani the Cat is the unity of a
spirit with the body of a cat.  His catlike characteristics come from the
fact that his spirit is now dealing with, and has been dealing with for some
time, the immutable physical nature of a cat.  There's only one pen in his
pencase because he only one rational soul.

The Rajan, SilkHorn, whoever we call him has more than one rational
soul--there's a bunch of pens in the pencase (maybe different numbers at
different times, whatever).  I think Silk's rational soul is there--not just
his animal or vegetative souls kicking memories up at Neighbor/Horn's
rational soul(s?), but his rational soul, that thing we loosely call
"Silk."  It's just that "Silk" has lost his will to live and is in deep
despair, so he tries to be Horn or Neighbor/Horn or whoever else is in the
gestalt.  He fails pretty miserably at this, of course--he writes and talks
like Silk whenever he isn't actively remembering something Horn did when
Silk wasn't around yet.

Even if you believe that Silk is dead when Neighbor/Horn gets dumped in
there, that's fine--but I think then you have to say that the Silver Silk
gets in there somehow from Pig.  Except that then I'm not sure how to take
the decision to leave Blue...Silver Silk is definitely part Pas, and Pas's
whole scheme was to rule over Blue and Green as a living god.  Is Silk's
innate goodness enough to overcome that?

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