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brunians at brunians.org brunians at brunians.org
Thu Mar 19 11:16:40 PDT 2009

>> > If Book of the New Sun hides it's meanings for future readings,
>> > Beelzebub's tales buries it's meanings for future generations.  It is
>> > so fraking dense, and astutely profound.

>> May be.

>> You are not selling it well.

> Ah.  Well, my intent is not to sell anything.

I feel I might have offended you, and I feel bad about this. I certainly
did not mean to do so.

>                                     I saw something you said
> that made me think you might find it of interest.

You are probably absolutely right. I do intend to check it out, and it is
because you recommend it now that I am intending to check it out now.
Otherwise it may have taken years more.

>                                                  That's all.

I think it is enough, and since I was not apparently clear earlier, thank
you very much for your recommendation.

The thing is, truth be told, that I have always had an irrational - I
admit that it is totally irrational and also mostly based upon ignorance -
aversion to GI Gurdjieff. I have been aware that it is irrational for some
time, and meaning to get over it, but haven't so far. Gurus leave me cold.
My teachers have mostly emphasized their ignorance and untrustworthiness,
as I myself try to do, if I have ever felt that people are treating me as
a guru which has (God help me) happened from time to time.

It so happens that I will be near a big bookstore later today and I will
see what they have.


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