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>Could be...I'm still not sure Pas went into Silk at the end of Long Sun.
>If he didn't, that's just Silk in Silk's body until the Horn-patterned Neighbor shows up.

Well, the individual explanations I offer have a way of cascading toward my conclusion. It's something that has to be taken as a whole. I recognize that.
If one acknowledges that the Raja is a Neighbor who has reanimated Horn and is in some way Horn himself, then it becomes difficult not to say, "Hmm...resurrected Horn is a beast with TWO horns. Where does the other horn come from?  Silk? How is Silk a "horn" or Horn? It would be tidy to say that Horn is one of those special embryos, and a clone of the *same* person of whom Silk was, but that's impossible because they don't look alike. Horn could once do a good impression of Silk, but his sons don't think he looks like him. 

There are other ways to put the pieces together, in isolation, rather than say that Silk had Pas in him. But **choosing** the particular answer from among the others and accepting Horn as a clone of Typhon (which resolves other things) is only way I know of to get Horn into Silk (without feral speculation). 

Resolving Wolfean puzzles often requires picking from multiple, viable solutions. To do that, I prefer to look at all the open problems as a whole and see which arrangement of solutions ties up the most open puzzles I have without refuting a bunch of other solutions. 

>I also want to note that this whole thing is a rationalization of the Incarnation, not the Trinity.
>The three Persons of the Trinity all share a single essence (in orthodox Christianity, that is),
>whereas Jesus Christ possessed two essences in a single Person. 

Technically, I suppose you're right. But I think a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three-in-one analogy was what Wolfe was going for.

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