(urth) Hut in the Jungle

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Are you sure he wasn't humoring you?

I kid. Sure, that's plausible. I tend to think it's unnecessarily complex for NS/LS/SS, but then see Wolfe's diagram of the Wizard Knight uni/multiverse.


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There are multiple time dimensions.

The level of the World that we inhabit includes three spacelike and one
timelike dimension. This is a selection (sort of) from the 'next level up'
which includes four spacelike dimensions, two timelike dimensions (one of
which is parallel to 'our' time and a third timelike dimension which
stands to the creatures of the 'next level up' as our time dimension does
to us.

I derive this from my work with the well known 'Enochian' system of
magick, and as I recall Wolfe expressed general agreement with it when we
discussed it.

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