(urth) Hut in the Jungle

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Possibly. It does explain things. But I just can't quite accept it. Severian's realization that he and Agia are seen as ghosts is just too wonderfully creepy and disorienting to not contain truth.

Still, since Wolfe gave us clues pointing to the Moffats, we may be forced to assume that he also gave us clues that the missionaries are NOT the Moffats, and work from there.



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On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Craig Brewer wrote:

> > Can you explain how it works here? Is there a particular past event that 
> > Talos is referring to that their present-as-future is affecting? Perhaps 
> > both? Is he suggesting that they're writing _Frankenstein_ at that 
> > moment? heh...

I read it as a nod to _Childhood's End_

And I thought the missionaries are "modern day" individuals who are 
"chant-caught" reenactors.

David Duffy.


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