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There are multiple time dimensions.

The level of the World that we inhabit includes three spacelike and one
timelike dimension. This is a selection (sort of) from the 'next level up'
which includes four spacelike dimensions, two timelike dimensions (one of
which is parallel to 'our' time and a third timelike dimension which
stands to the creatures of the 'next level up' as our time dimension does
to us.

I derive this from my work with the well known 'Enochian' system of
magick, and as I recall Wolfe expressed general agreement with it when we
discussed it.


> As I see it, the idea flows logically from the concept that all time
> exists, or that there is a no-time or over-time (Eternity, Akal, Empyrean)
> from which all time can be accessed. This is a basic aspect of the
> Catholic God, usually expressed less mechanically of course.
> You could perhaps say the Increate is the medium through which large or
> iconic events send their ripples and echoes and eddies forward and
> backward. As long as there is no actual time travel, it doesn't pose
> problems---and in BotNS there is also time travel anyway.
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> Dizzying from one perspective. Underwhelming from another. Or I suppose
> both at once.
> If you're right, then the upshot of this would be that myth (Prometheus)
> is a retelling "from the future" of a very worldly event, Baldanders
> creating Talos and eventually destroying himself, which comes to have
> "mythic" proportions by being "projected" through a past lens darkly. Is
> that right?
> But why does it have to be "from the future"? What does that add to the
> idea that real events can be blown up into myths that resonate with
> meaning far from their original context? What's different about a myth's
> origin being in the future than in the past? (Apart from the coolness
> factor, I agree.)
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