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Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
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Tim Walters wrote:
> Jeff Wilson wrote:
>> Tim Walters wrote:
>>> Is there any reason to think that isn't included in the ownership 
>>> figure?
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Switzerland
> "In some 2001 statistics, it is noted that there are about 420,000 
> assault rifles stored at private homes, mostly SIG 550 types. 
> Additionally, there are some 320,000 assault rifles and military pistols 
> exempted from military service in private possession, all selective-fire 
> weapons having been converted to semi-automatic operation only. In 
> addition, there are several hundred thousand other semi-automatic small 
> arms classified as carbines. The total number of firearms in private 
> homes is estimated minimally at 1.2 million to 3 million."
> The high figure is lower than the rate from my original link, so clearly 
> these weapons were, in fact, included.

then "Less than half the per capita gun ownership of the U.S." can't be true

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