(urth) Seawrack/ mother plot / + three whorls

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 17:43:00 PDT 2009

> Witz: I REALLY don't get final bit about The Mother and the brides of Abia 
> unless Urth is Blue.
>I appreciate all the arguments against that idea, and i'm not convinced, 
>but this aquatic
>mother, and buried walls under the sea just really seem to scream out that 
>Urth or Ushas is Blue.

I was an enthusiastic proponent of Marc's Blue Earth theory, because it was 
an attempt to resolve some open puzzles originally rather than must shrug 
your shoulders, and because it made several comments by Horn make a lot of 
sense. But, guess what? When I realized that Horn was Typhon and the Raja 
was a Neighbor, those comments made comprehensive sense and Blue Earth 
ceased to have any value I'm afraid. Also, a puckish comment by Wolfe to 
Marc caused him to flip and declare that Urth was Green instead. Actually, 
there is thematic value to having Blue or Green be Verthandi. But I simply 
don't believe it is. Just as I don't believe Blue and Green are St. Anne and 
St. Croix.

> Jordon pointed out to me that if Ushas is Blue, then the projection
>of Horn and Co to the Red Sun Whorl is not in simultaneous timeline
>to Horn's, which is maybe problematic, though maybe not. we've scene
>time travel, and astral projection, why not both at once?

Dream-travel self-evidently involves or enables Time-travel. This is so 
obvious from the Long Sun and the Short Sun stories that I'm a little 
impatient with those that don't casually accept it. So I'd best not get into 
it again.

But I don't believe that the Short Sun is Sol.  It is a pointless flourish 
on a narrative that is already troubling enough.


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