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There are some possibilities.  Maybe Blue is where Abia's 'race' is from?
I've always assumed Abia came to Urth at some point.  Must have come from
somewhere, no?

And I am against the theory of Ushas as Blue, you know from our
discussions.  However, there are so many resonances between the two worlds
(some of which you point out), that I think we are being directed to the
idea that what happened on Urth/Ushas happened on Blue as well.  Perhaps
there was a "severian" equivelant on Blue.  One of the Neighbors.  And we
have the Abia analogue, just like Urth.  There is more to this, which until
I finish on this read through of SS I don't want to lay out, but I think the
multi-limbed beings and what not are a clue to this.

And I can't get with the idea that Horn is a Neighbor.  Doesn't make a lick
of sense to me, thematically or contextually.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 4:47 PM, Son of Witz <sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org>wrote:

> Somewhere I read a suggestion about Seawrack and the Mother having a hidden
> scheme in Short Sun.  What is it?  Where is it?
> I REALLY don't get final bit about The Mother and the brides of Abia unless
> Urth is Blue.  I appreciate all the arguments against that idea, and i'm not
> convinced, but this aquatic mother, and buried walls under the sea just
> really seem to scream out that Urth or Ushas is Blue.  Or are we to suppose
> that a Sea Mother Goddess is inherent on watery worlds?    It just seems so
> much more tidy if there are only 3 whorls and not 5. And Horn/Silk keeps
> saying "I've drawn the three whorls again"  Why would there be two
> additional whorls.
> Jordon pointed out to me that if Ushas is Blue, then the projection of Horn
> and Co to the Red Sun Whorl is not in simultaneous timeline to Horn's, which
> is maybe problematic, though maybe not. we've scene time travel, and astral
> projection, why not both at once?
> ~witz
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