(urth) Seawrack's Arm

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Blood transfer plays a big part I think..the Inhumi become what they are according to the blood they drink.When they were on Green and only drank the blood of animals, they were animals.They certainly became like the Neighbors when they drank their blood, and because Kraits mother drank Sinew's blood, her son (Krait) was very similar to Horn's son(Sinew)...although I still have a sneaking suspicion that Krait is lying here, and that it was he who drank Sinew's blood and  was...gasp...lying...
Their great secret is that if humans didn't kill each other, they wouldn't either,,,right???
Horn becomes part neighbor in the pit...the long nosed "spider" Horn sees may have given him neighbor blood...or he got it from Krait who has neighbpr blood in him (??).He-Pen-Sheep calls "Horn" "Neighbor-Man"..and HE shares blood with a beast/bear/neighbor if I'm not mistaken.So maybe that's why the Neighbor says "My name is Horn too.." because the blood/consciesnance goes both ways...
3 quills in a pen case
A beast with 3 horns
Is the Trinity too obvious for GW??I'm not a Catholic so I'm no expert..
I have a lot more ideas/questions/opinios about the SS that I'm gonna post...but I am also reminded that when i first really got into GW part of what grabbed me was truths that were nearly understandable, but took on a subversive/mythic quality...so I'm resigned and OK woth not all the answers being attainable...

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I was never entirely sure if Babbie had actually bitten off Seawrack's arm.
I HAVE, however, always been curious what that "sharing" of  blood
have done to Babbie.  Also, In Pajarocu, when Silk/Horn mentions blood (I
think in the context of the Inhumi) Seawrack reacts in a manner that I'm
sure is meant to be a clue.  ...clue to what I have no idea.  It could be
her guilt at having eaten human flesh when she lived with the Mother, but I
think it was more to do with her origin, somehow.  As if she was altered,
--humanized? --made sentient? by some kind of blood sharing.

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