(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

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Wed Mar 18 11:46:31 PDT 2009

> On Mar 18, 2009, at 1:17 PM, brunians at brunians.org wrote:

>> Of course criminals, by definition, aren't very bright,

> Bernie Madoff always struck me as a rather smart man.

Use of past tense noted.

He wasn't smart enough not to get involved in a Ponzi scheme.

I liked him deciding to be a good Jew about it and come clean. If he
hadn't, you know, they'd have put him in white collar prison and we would
be hearing about the sad accident that happened to him one day. Now he
gets to go to real prison with the blackamoors and be a tough Jew, the
brothers will get a kick out of it. He will give them financial advice,
and I bet you it will be some better than the financial advice he has been
giving out up until this point. He plays his cards right he should do some
pretty reasonable time, as these things go.


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