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Best living writer in the American dialect of English. McCarthy and
Crowley can be said to be in his class.


>> I've got a friend who's been on the fence about reading New Sun for a
>> few
>> years.
>>No amount of talk from me will get him to start it.
>>Can anyone point to an easily accessible review that seems to do a nice
>> job
>>enticing someone to get into it?
> I don't think that sort of thing can be forced. The guy who turned me on
> to
> Wolfe started NS four times before gritting his teeth and pushing through
> it. After I read it, I was convinced that Wolfe was not a very good
> story-teller but a phenomenal creator of worlds. It was only after reading
> "The Fifth Head of Cerberus" that I suddenly "got" Wolfe and decided he
> was
> probably the best Sci-Fi writer period (that's exactly what I told
> people).
> I recommend you offer your friend FHoC or Peace or Soldier of the Mist or
> Strange Travellers or Endangered Species. Eventually, he'll find his way
> to
> TBotNS on his own.
> J
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