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> What did he say about pedophilia exactly again? That
> well-raised boys
> wouldn't put up with that kind of crap, they'd kick
> and fight and you
> couldn't actually rape them quitely?

That's how I remember it.  Not that the problem had been

> I thought it was sort of a normal
> reaction from someone who was forcibly raped twice in his
> boyhood, then no more.

Me too.

> You don't think kids should be trained to fight when
> someone tries to molest them?

I do, but I'm not a Christian.  As the statement came from
a Catholic priest, it surprised me greatly.  Jesus says in
the Sermon on the Mount that you shouldn't resist evil
(Matt. 5:39).

I take it I missed an interesting discussion on whether
Wolfe presented Chris as a relatively decent fallen human
being trying to deal with near-impossible circumstances,
or as a "half-human monster" who, once he leaves the
monastery, becomes horrifyingly evil and stays that way
despite working as a priest.

I also take it that the jokes about the rest of Matt. 5:39
have been made to the extent necessary.

Jerry Friedman


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