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What did he say about pedophilia exactly again? That well-raised boys
wouldn't put up with that kind of crap, they'd kick and fight and you
couldn't actually rape them quitely? I thought it was sort of a normal
reaction from someone who was forcibly raped twice in his boyhood, then no

You don't think kids should be trained to fight when someone tries to
molest them? Hell, I think kids should be taught how to make and use
improvised weapons on people who try to molest them, besides thinking that
they should be trained from an early age in the proper handling of


> You ask me to cite and I don't have the facts at my command.  It
> seems to me I read a book within the past decade or so that sought to
> refute another book's anti-gun re-write of history that claimed the
> use of firearms in Revolutionary America had been vastly magnified
> and mythologized in the popular culture.  And there was some mention
> of the 19th century west as well.  But I can't give you author or
> title, sorry.  Maybe someone else's memory is jogged?
> Re Wolfe's personal opinions as reflected in his work:  I think it's
> clear enough that the man is very conservatively minded, more so as
> he's gotten older.  The crack in Pirate Freedom about the Catholic
> pedophilia scandal being inflated from more 'understandable'
> adolescent-centered incidents struck me as a blot on that text as a
> whole though.  And a personal affront to my sensibilities, though I
> sympathize with his politics in general.
> On Mar 17, 2009, at 8:48 PM, brunians at brunians.org wrote:
>>> On Mar 17, 2009, at 10:24 AM, John Watkins wrote:
>>>>  The proper balancing of those two might vary from state to state
>>>> (or within metropolitan areas) depending on the needs of the
>>>> populace, but always within those obvious boundaries.
>>> I'm with you on this.  Not too many folk realize that most small
>>> towns in the 'wild west', the ones all those tv shows were modeled
>>> on, required the temporary confiscation of weaponry upon entering the
>>> city limits.  You got your guns back when you rode on out.
>> Cite. I know of one instance where this happened, in Tombstone AZ,
>> where
>> it was pretty blatantly enforced against one of the factions vying for
>> control of the town, and was directly tied to an huge surge in the
>> murder
>> rate. What other examples do you have? I don't necessarily dispute
>> that
>> there were some, but I'd like to see some evidence.
>> Clint Eastwood gives an interesting example of a town with gun
>> control in
>> his great movie 'The Unforgiven', which really everyone should see.
>> If you
>> have not seen it, run don't walk.
>> .
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