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I guess it underscores the Babbie/Pig parallel, to some degree. 
Yet, I see no symbolic or plot reason for Horn in Babbie.
Why, would a part of Horn enter Babbie?  Surely it's not his complete self, because he's very present on Green, after he leaves Babbie behind.  And if Horn in Babbie is true, does Horn leave Silk and go completely to babbie in the end?


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>I'm just starting my first Short Sun reread, so I may have more thoughts on
>this later, but wouldn't the Babbie/Pig parallel underscore the likelihood
>that some or all of Horn's soul winds up in Babbie?  A copy of Silk's soul,
>after all, was in Pig.  The parallel works better if both of them serve as
>"pen cases" for souls.
>On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Son of Witz <sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org>wrote:
>> while we've been talking about Babbie,
>> what do people make of that Horn in Babbie concept that was thrown around
>> years ago.  Stu pointed it out to me.
>> what the hell is up with that?
>> I don't think I buy that at all, but I understand the knee bit, and the
>> outsider calling for Babbie confounds the reading.  That an the "Beast with
>> three horns bit"  What else could be a beast with Three horns. Are horns
>> just a metaphor for souls, which, seem to number 3 in Horn, but, the
>> prophesy is that Horn will ride that beast, not be part of that beast, so
>> I'm not sure if you could be a horn, and be a rider.  hurm...
>> When I read it, I felt Babbie mirrored (in a way) Pig.  Horn had Babbie
>> with him on one leg, and Pig with him on the other.  Both are pigs of sorts.
>> ~witz
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