(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

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>>>> Well, beying an european, I'm going to abstain from commenting
>>>>on the particulars of your constitution and on your (US) views
>>>>of this matter. After all, the "Wild West" is too fresh on your mind and
>>>>culture and it's probably normal that these matters raise certain
>>>>"passions" among US citizens.
>>> This is such a quaint, European view of Americans. It's so cute!
>>> :-)
>> Hum? I was in no way picking on you.
>>Did it come up as such? If yes, than I appologise.
>>I'm not a native english speaker.
> Absolutely no offense taken. And no derogatory response intended (no serious
> one anyway). It's just your comment had so many European charming
> preconceptions about Americans. Imagine if the some neighborhood kid assumed
> you were a member of Hell's Angels because you wear a leather jacket when
> you ride your motorcycle. It's like that.

LOL. Point taken. 
Anyway, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. 
Show them the way! Add maps and directions to your party invites. 

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