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I'm surely not as familiar with Wolfe's work as some of the rest of
you. But I'm having trouble coming up with examples from Wolfe's stories
which relate directly or indirectly to the 2nd Amendment or to the inherent
virtues of weapon ownership.

Well, the most striking example I can think of is in On Blue's Waters, where it is strongly implied, if not explicitly stated, that Horn's possession of a slug gun is one of the things that has kept him from being forced into slavery on New Viron.

As for the Second Amendment and my thoughts on gun ownership, the wording of the amendment seems loose enough to admit some sort of gun control. However, gun control has repeatedly proven ineffective in a nation that is one of the world's leading arms manufacturers. It doesn't stop gun crimes and it infringes on the rights of individuals capable of making responsible decisions. In that vein, I'm also against seat belt laws and mandatory helmet laws (except for minors).



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