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James, we don't disagree.  In my ideal (MacIntyrian, Tolkienesque, whatever)
world, we'd be people of the city-state.  As it sits in today's political
balance, however, with all the compromises of history that have led us to
this point (including the cases you refer to and the Fourteenth Amendment),
I think that DC v. Heller was just about on-target.

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 11:02 AM, James Wynn <crushtv at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I would argue that the intent was self-evidently for it to cover every
> conceivable type of weapon.

> The constant constitutional crisis the US finds itself in --not just for an
> armed populace but for school and religion issues and for medical procedures
> and out-of-control spending-- can be traced to the Supreme Court decisions
> in the 30s? obliterating the Enumerated Powers clause. Originally, the
> limitations on the regulation of arms only applied to the Federal government
> as did issues of free speech and the establishment of religion. Many towns
> in the Old West had total gun bans, just as some states had
> established churches supported with tax dollars. Since the Bill of Rights is
> now understood to be irrevocable by states and municipalities, we have
> unresolvable paradoxes. Many of our political discussions --including
> abortion and marijuana (medical and recreational)-- could be resolved with
> local and state elections if the USSC would merely dust of the Enumerated
> Powers and say that the Federal government doesn't have the right to do
> or regulate anything not explicitly declared in the US Constitution. But
> that would take away from the power of the Supreme Court, and Senators on
> the Judicial Committee would lose the opportunity to expose themselves on TV
> whenever there is a SC opening.
> J
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