(urth) Seawrack's Name

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 16:33:24 PDT 2009

>to figure out two things when we are first introduced to
>Seawrack. One is her real name which is supposed to sound
>something like Seawrack.

I've always presumed her actual name would be from the mythology of Japan, 
China, or Mongolia, due to her features: "sharp chin, very high cheekbones, 
and tilted eyes".

But then her hair is gold, her skin is fairest white, and her eyes are 
"midnight-blue".  On the OTHER other hand, if she were built from the corpse 
of the pirate-woman Horn killed a couple days previously, it is no surprise 
she is so pale, but that would not explain her golden-green hair. (but 
there's that golden-green color again.


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