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The only similar-sounding name I can think of is Sycorax, the mother of Caliban in Shakespeare's Tempest.   But that seems like a stretch.

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> I was reading the Short Sun and thinking that we are invited
> to figure out two things when we are first introduced to
> Seawrack.
> One is her real name which is supposed to sound somthing
> like Seawrack. 
> I did an archive search and could only find
> a 2000 post on the topic, from R. Borski, who (typically?)
> went 
> overboard with name analysis I think and came up with an
> Irish 
> seaweed called "screadhbhuidhe". This just
> isn't a satisfying 
> answer for me. Not sure if my attempts are much better but,
> One guess I had is Sirenia.  It came to me because Seawrack
> is 
> described as having some green algae tint in her hair and
> this
> reminded me of the undines from BotNS. The undines were
> several
> times confused with manatees and Sirenia is the scientific
> order
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