(urth) Ship Volant

Son of Witz sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org
Tue Mar 3 09:13:27 PST 2009

Hope that wasn't eating at you this long, Jeffrey.
yeah, those ones on the shirt are much more in line and not very BSG looking.

(also, BTW, not really feeling the last few BSG episodes...hmmmmm.)


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>On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 07:37:58PM +0000, Son of Witz wrote:
>> Interesting points about wings.  Those ships look very Battlestar
>> Galactica to me, probably technically "realistic". 
>This comment has confused me for a while, as their ships don't look
>Battlestar Galactica at all, and I think I finally figured out what
>happened.  Ad-Astra has three lines now rather than just the one.  I
>meant to look into the Ten-Worlds line rather than their imagining of
>Weber's Honorverse.  The best images I could find were (unfortunately)
>on t-shirts (unless you get their calendar, which is pretty, but silly
>with two months already gone)
>Although the quotes around "realistic" is a bit silly too.  Given
>current physics, there a lot of features on the outside of a
>deep-space manned space ship that would have to look a certain way to
>be feasible.
>Sorry again for resurrecting an old topic, later down this discussion
>people came to a much more sane idea of what an illustration from the
>books should look like:
>"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over 
> the man who cannot read them."
> -- Mark Twain

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