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>Oubliette would be a great name for a bar. Hmm, on second thought it 
>would probably get crowded with leather boys and daddies. Even if it 
>wasn't in San Francisco. 


Incidentally, I looked for those bands on 
>eMusic but found only a band called Chief Secrets of a Bungling Empire 
>Unexpectedly Hidden in General Patton's Tomahawk Museum. Too bad. 
>Strangely, they do not appear to be from San Francisco. 

With that name, they must be a total fanboy band emulating their heroes I suppose.  SC3's mastermind, Trey Spruance was the guitarist/keyboardist for Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton's "other" band (way more interesting than Faith No More or anything he's done since) I think they've completely eclipsed Mr. Bungle at this point, in terms of quality, but not notoriety.

If you're looking to download, you can get from iTunes.
If you just want to get a sampling: http://www.myspace.com/secretchiefs3
(The Owl in Daylight song on there is the name of the book PKD was working on when he died) 
Of course, as the illustrator, I'd urge you to get the discs if your interested.  Book of Horizons is a great album & has a 20 page booklet of my artwork. worked a year on that project. Path of Most Resistance is an introductory sampler of the more accessible stuff (like on the myspace) with one of my dayjob bosses on the cover as an evil senator. The upcoming DVD, (march 10) is of a Great American Music Hall show, and will have several unreleased songs.  They're playing March 10th at Yoshis SF, kicking off the John Zorn Masada week, performing the Book of Angels Vol 9 Xaphan material, which should be heavy duty cool. I'll be going to both sets of that.

ok, I think I've pimped my shit on this list enough today.  sorry.

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