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Thu Feb 12 20:05:37 PST 2009

I have it on my "to read" list.  I'll report in when I'm finished.

But... I don't think it's going to be Wolfean, at least not from the  
description I read.


On Feb 12, 2009, at 9:50 PM, Joe Smulkstis wrote:

> D. Douglas Fratz, reviewing Richard Morgan's "The Steel Remains",  
> said:
> But for me the best example of this subgenre can be found in the  
> work of Gene Wolfe, beginning with his Book of the New Sun novels,  
> fantasy novels set in a remote but very imaginable future that have  
> the gritty realism of the best science fiction.
> Richard K. Morgan is clearly mining Wolfe territory, and that is  
> fine territory indeed.
> Has anyone here read the book and, if so, is the reviewer's  
> comparison with Wolfe accurate?
> The Kovac's novels didn't strike me as at all Wolfean.
> Muskrat
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