(urth) Quasi Christ?

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And Severian becomes more like the Pope than Christ, especially considering Roy's quote about the Conciliator's conciliation as a mundane and semipolitical one, as opposed to one with the Increate.

this insistence that the "Conciliator's conciliation" is mundane and political is strange to me.  Can't we see it as metaphor, and not as mundane plot.  In the microcosm of this metaphor, he's effected a salvation of humanity in the eyes of those who serve God.  That the text could be read to imply that the Hierogrammates had no real connection to God, doesn't mean that it is so. Even Angels serve God without understanding him completely.  Can't we accept these characters as serviceable metaphors for Archangels and Angels, and see the scifi trappings for what they are, dressings on a metaphor?

Hopefully that's clear.  maybe I can boil it down more.
The microcosm of a metaphor need not encompass the whole macrocosm it's illustrating.  The map is NOT the territory. it's a limited, scaled down representation of the territory.


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