(urth) Quasi Christ?

Son of Witz sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org
Tue Feb 10 10:54:30 PST 2009

>Doesn't this make multiple Christs unnecessary, so long as the sentient aliens came to an understanding of God through their own gods?  Being a dogmatic Catholic, I'm sure Wolfe would have been aware of this.  

Multiple Christs.
I don't come to this from the current discussion of many worlds, many beings to be saved, but from the idea that there are subsequent, serial creations of a universe.  If Briah keeps going through similar evolutions to similar ends, it's viable to think that there would be similar theophanies, and similar incarnations of eternal principals and deities.  It's very unclear if Urth is in Earth's cycle, or before or after. I think these incarnations would be similar, but not exactly the same, and the roles they play, and "salvation" or Apocatastasis that they enact would not necessarily be the same, but would have at least strong similarities.  And so, the Conciliator/New Sun could very well be a different incarnation of the same deity.  I understand the notion of Christ being "unique in history" but we're talking about a setting where history RESETS, where there is a succession of beginnings and endings.

anyway, I don't think it's out of line to suggest the possibility.  It's an extrapolation of our ideas into a setting that sort of explodes there potentials into ways that may not have been previously explored, so there is no reason to view it rigidly through one particular lens of belief.


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