(urth) Indescribable Christ?

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On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 9:56 AM, Ryan Bonneville
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> > In fact, saying that God exists, is good, wise, powerful
> > etc is in a sense untrue - all those words do not describe God
> > correctly.
> This is nutty.  I'm not really interested in getting into a theology debate
> - we've had enough of that lately - but if we take this to be true, then
> talking about God simply makes no sense at all.  We're doing literary
> analysis here; ruling out of bounds a discussion based on the ineffability
> of one of the points of comparison probably means we need to change the
> point of comparison.

I broadly agree.  The words "in a sense" are doing a lot of lifting in that
paragraph.  People who talk about God usually simply nod to the fact that
the words they use will not be precisely correct and then do the best they

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