(urth) The Cat and significance to BOTNS

O'Donnell, Tim (BOSI) Tim.O'Donnell at bankofscotland.ie
Wed Feb 4 02:16:58 PST 2009

Yeah, well, that is fair, it is not clear what happens, this is Wolfe after all!
Whether Inire conjures up some kind of cat or whether Inire summons the cat back through the mirrors is unclear.  
Me, I favour the theory that Inire summoned the cat back through the mirrors and this has a bearing on Miles/Jonas.  
I think this story tells us more about the mysterious mirrors and that is (one of) its purpose(s).

Also, I wonder if Hethor doesn't just call up his creatures with his mirrors, what if he creates them in this way
as well?  By putting an innocent slug through the mirrors he could get a snuffling beast that leaves a slimy trail,
the salamander could originally have been a newt and so on.  All this is wild speculation of course with no textual
evidence... :)


>Jeff Wilson - jwilson at io.com wrote:

>I'm not convinced this is the same cat transformed; IIRC it could more 
>easily be a catlike creature Inire supplied to distract the girl from 
>her loss with novelty. Bonding ensues between the girl and the feline 
>that turns out to have pookalike qualities...

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