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Allan Anderson rubel at goosemoon.org
Sat Aug 22 23:15:01 PDT 2009

That's fun, Don.
My favorite Neil representation has to be Eddie Campbell's, in _King
Bacchus_, where Neil passes out due to an excess of disturbing occultism and
thick smoke from Alan Moore.

That, and later on when he shows up again in the same comic, wearing the
jacket AND the sunglasses--"Hey, you standing sideways!" they call out to

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 5:41 PM, don doggett <kingwukong at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey, it's been pretty slow here so I thought I'd toss this out. I recently
> wrote a blog razzing Neil Gaiman for that leather jacket he seems to wear on
> all his author photos and he posted a response. In my defense, I wasn't
> sniping for Mr. Gaiman; I just write what I feel like writing. But someone
> tweeted, twitted, tw at tted, or whatever and it got back to him. I've always
> wanted to tell him I hated those photos (and all author photos, really) so
> it ended up being quite satisfying in a bad monkey kind of way. It's the
> post entitled I Swear to God I Would Do It.
> peace, my Urthly homies
> Don
> Doggerel
> www.don-doggett.blogspot.com
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