(urth) Dreaming by Carolyn See?

JBarach at aol.com JBarach at aol.com
Sun Aug 9 20:27:41 PDT 2009

Urthers --
Once upon a time, I came across an interview with Wolfe online in which he  
was asked to name his favorite horror books.  I was unfamiliar with most of 
 the ones he named and can't remember them all now.  The one I recall  
(because I ordered it from the library) was Dreaming by Carolyn See.  The  
choice struck me as somewhat odd, since the question likely anticipated that  
Wolfe would list *fiction* and Dreaming is a memoir.  
I was going to look at that interview again this afternoon, but now I can't 
 find it at all.  Do any of you know where that interview might be  located?
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