(urth) Urth Digest, Vol 50, Issue 42

Dan autarch at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 10:22:27 PDT 2008

At 12:37 PM 10/25/2008, you wrote:

> > I know they said Woldercon was really far away, but outside the galaxy?
> > When I read that, I got the sinking impression she really wasn't going
> > there and was perhaps comitting suicide.
> >
>She sent an ethermail to Gid telling him she was coming there. I see no
>reason for such an expensive way to commit suicide as buying a hopper
>and taking off for galaxies unknown. If Woldercan was outside the galaxy
>one has to wonder how it was ever found. There's a lot of space out
>there between galaxies...

I don't think Woldercan is outside the galaxy. My statement was one of 
incredulity. I've since reread the last two paragraphs and suppose a great 
deal of time passed between them. I'd assume that she visited Gid on 
Woldercan and realized he didn't really love her. Distraught over the loss 
of both men in her life, her career, her faithless friends, health, youth 
etc etc, she set off on a one way trip to oblivion. What she said to Gid 
about driving his hopper would seem to resonate with this method of suicide.

One could try to make the case that Gid took pity on her and maybe told or 
taught her what she could do to resurrect Wally somewhere where the laws of 
physics would allow it.  But the last line doesn't seem to be an invocation 
as much as a cry of despair.

> > Plus I don't understand why he just gave up and surrendered to the
> > islanders or devise some way to rescue her. I need to reread that section
> > again.
> >
>As king Bill may have felt he had to take personal responsibility for
>the terrible unexpected collateral damage to the islands he ruled. He
>has some moral feelings, even though he normally justifies everything he
>does for the greater good.

Or he was just artfully maneuvered into his death by Chase. This may have 
been the true goal all along. Reread is in progress... 

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