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Fred Kiesche recursive_loop at yahoo.com
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Late reply to a long-forgotten party...way behind in all e-mails (over 4,500 unread and climbing!).

Anyway, sometime Wolfe reader, located in NJ. Most recent Wolfe read was "Shambles" with Gaiman. For review, as well as indication of what else I read, see link below (TexasBestGrok).

F.P. Kiesche III
"When you send a man out with a gun, you create a policymaker. When his ass is on the line, he will do whatever he needs to do...And if the implications of that bothers you, the time to do something about it is before you decide to send him out." (David Drake, Caught in the Crossfire)
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Hi Oliver.  I'm from Texas.  I've always gotten the impression that most

of the people who post here are from the US, but that's certainly not a 
scientific sampling.  My general reading preferences outside of Gene 
Wolfe tend to lie in the fantasy genre rather than sci-fi:  Tolkien, Le 
Guin, Robin Hobb, George Martin, Neil Gaiman.  Although, to be perfectly 
honest, my reading time has been very much curtailed over the last few 
years due to family expansion.  (We just brought our third -- and final 
-- child into the world about seven months ago.)  I used to pretty 
regularly read 25-30 novels a year.  These days it seems like I'm doing 
well if I manage 4-5.  Coinciding with that, I haven't been much a 
regular contributor lately, although I was a pretty active participant 
for a good couple of years.  I still try to keep up with the read the 
mailing list, though.


P.S.  Don't know how to help you the text trailing off the page.  I read 
the Urth mailing list on my mail program (Thunderbird) and haven't 
experienced that problem.

Oliver Wakefield wrote:
> Hi
> In my first email on this list my text trailed off the end of the page 
> - is there anyway to keep the text within the window - sorry ive never 
> used a mailing list before.
> Also, as this list seems to be the largest wolfe source on the net I 
> was wondering who the contributers are. Congratulations to all 
> involved by the way. I am just wondering which of you are sci-fi fans 
> and which are general readers. Also where are you from? Im from the UK 
> and ive only met one person whos read BOTN and this person someone who 
> writes on sci fi. Is Wolfe bigger in the US, i'm imagining this list 
> is primarily US?
> Thanks Ollie W
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