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Matt--Are you a member of The Gunroom? If not, take a look!
Lots of good stuff discussed for fans of Patrick O'Brian.

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I'm from the Boston area, though I've been studying in Dublin for the past year (going home in a little more than a week).

I used to be very much a sci-fi / fantasy reader, but for the past few years I've been diversifying a lot. So this year I've been reading lots of "mainstream" lit, a good deal of Patrick O'Brian, and a lot of mysteries. Wolfe is one of the few sci-fi authors I still read with any deal of regularity.

I can't say I know any other Wolfe readers in real life, though I'm always trying to make converts. I just gave a copy of The Book of the New Sun to a friend here, so let's hope that there will soon be another Wolfe reader in Dublin...


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