(urth) Some Pirate Freedom thoughts and questions

Dan autarch at vippn.com
Wed Jan 2 05:21:59 PST 2008

At 11:17 AM 1/1/2008, Matthew Keeley wrote:

>Furthermore, how did that biography of Chris know he vanished when sailing
>alone? I gathered that he kept a pretty low profile after the disastrous
>meeting with Lesage. Did Ignacio or Novia tell people the story? If so, why?
>If they wanted to become respectable, wouldn't they want to avoid mentioning
>their former occupations as pirates?

This is a good question. This implies there is more to Chris' history yet 
to be told. Perhaps Wolfe plans to write more. After all, Chris indicates 
revenge as being one ot the two motives for returning...

There is no way they would admit to being pirates while living in Veracruz. 
A quick way to the gallows, though Novia may just be imprisoned since she 
was pregnant.


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