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I wrote:

>I vowed at the time Marc Aramini posted what Wolfe really had to say about
>_The White Goddess_ that I was going to post a link to that post every time
>someone raised the specter of _The White Goddess_ and its supposed
>on Wolfe. I can't seem to find it now, so it must be in the year of lost
>archives. Could you send it again, Marc?

Well, Marc didn't answer, but I'm not the only one to remember that post.
Thanks to Tony Ellis, I am able to append it here. The post is, indeed, in
the lost year of archives. I know it upsets many long-held and cherished
theories of Wolfe interpretation, which is probably why it has been widely
forgotten, but it bears repeating.



    from aramini1 at cox.net
    to urth at urth.net,
    date May 22, 2004 12:09 AM
    subject (urth) wolfe's comments on a few texts

    I asked Mr. Wolfe about a few books which have come up under
discussion on the list as possible sources for his work.  I thought
some of us would be interested in his response, so I'll quote it.
Keep in mind that I asked his opinion about the books, so he is just
answering my questions.

    "You asked about some books.  I haven't read KING JESUS.  I read
enough of THE WHITE GODDESS (which is still around here somewhere) to
conclude that Graves, with all his talent, was a crackpot.  Have you
read I, CLAUDIUS? Or HERCULES MY SHIPMATE?  They're fine, fine books,
both of them.  I read one book by Mary Renault; I'm no longer sure of
the title.  It bored me halfway to madness, and I've never tried
anything else."

    I thought that was interesting.

    Marc Aramini

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