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On 2008.02.05 14:24:34 -0500, aaron <aaronsingleton at gmail.com> scribbled 2.8K characters:
>    I found several Wolfe audiobooks  for sale on CD.  These are audio works originally produced
>    for the blind.  The person selling these has packaged them professionally and is advertising
>    them as commercial editions when they are not.  I believe this is copyright infringement and
>    that GW should be informed of this.  I know I would not be happy about a person profiting from
>    my work, especially when I gave permission for the books to be made for the blind only.  This
>    is exploitation.  I am including the link below, so if anyone can tell me how to get this info
>    to Mr. Wolfe or his agent, please let me know.  Thank you all in advance,
>    Aaron Singleton
>    here is the link: http://www.ioffer.com/i/Gene-Wolfe-MP3-Audiobooks-Unabridged-30442401

I wouldn't go off half-cocked, if I were you. The situation is not 100% clear. Reading through it, it *seems* this fellow downloaded the MP3 files, converted them to WAV, and burned them to CD and is now offering the CDs for sale. If that's true, that's quite likely a copyvio.

But suppose he bought or was given the CDs, then he probably has every right to sell them. Physical objects don't really come with EULAs (first-sale doctrine and so on). So adopting a temperate tone until more is known would be a good idea.

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