(urth) Pirated audiobooks

Mark Millman markjmillman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 12:58:50 PST 2008


The SFWA probably are not the right contact for this.  Not long ago
they tried to act, as they thought, on behalf of some of their members
with regard to some electronic rights issues.  It turned out, if I
remember correctly, that the SFWA were not empowered to act for any of
those members, and for some authors--I recall in particular Cory
Doctorow--their actions were in direct opposition to the authors'

Mr. Wolfe's agent would be a much better person to notify.  The agent
is responsible for protecting the author's rights, and will also know
whether or not any particular publication is authorized.  Regrettably,
since Virginia Kidd's death, I no longer know who that may be.  Do any
of you have that information?


Mark Millman

On Tuesday 5 February 2008, Matthew Keeley wrote:

> According to their website, Wolfe is a member of
> the SFWA. I get the impression that the SFWA
> tends to handle this sort of thing for some of their
> writers. I assume Wolfe is still a member. He's
> listed on the site.
> sfwa.org
> -Matt
> On Monday 5 February 2008, Aaron Singleton wrote:
> > I found several Wolfe audiobooks  for sale on CD.
> > These are audio works originally produced for the
> > blind.  The person selling these has packaged
> > them professionally and is advertising them as
> > commercial editions when they are not.  I believe
> > this is copyright infringement and that GW should
> > be informed of this.  I know I would not be happy
> > about a person profiting from my work, especially
> > when I gave permission for the books to be made
> > for the blind only.  This is exploitation.  I am in-
> > cluding the link below, so if anyone can tell me
> > how to get this info to Mr. Wolfe or his agent,
> > please let me know.  Thank you all in advance,
> >
> > Aaron Singleton
> >
> >
> > here is the link:
> > http://www.ioffer.com/i/Gene-Wolfe-MP3-Audiobooks-Unabridged-30442401

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