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I second "The Toy Theater" Fernando.  I have always loved that one.
Something about it reminds me so much of a Jack Vance story.  Maybe that's
why I like it.  Another one I would include is "Game in the Pope's Head"
just for sheer creepiness.

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> Matthew Groves wrote:
>>> What would your personal Best of Gene Wolfe's Short Fiction anthology
>>> contain?  I would include all the novellas from The Island of Doctor
>>> Death and Other Stories and Other Stories.
> Hmmm, an interesting exercise, this. I'd probably favor the shorter stories
> so that I could fit more of them in. Let's see:
> Forlesen
> The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories
> How the Whip Came Back
> A Cabin on the Coast
> Parkroads
> A Solar Labyrinth
> Westwind
> The Detective of Dreams
> Queen
> The Hero as Werwolf
> How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion
> In Looking-Glass Castle
> La Befana
> The War Beneath the Tree
> No Planets Strike
> Our Neighbour by David Copperfield
> When I Was Ming the Merciless
> The Toy Theater
> ...
> Naah, it's hopeless. I like too many of them. And that's mostly sticking to
> the older stories and avoiding all the novellas...
> Fernando
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