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I think  I may have the answer to one of your questions, or rather, you
have the  answer yourself.  There are two possibilities as to why Gene
covers  the name G. T. Griffith (who is a real author).  The more
probable  answer is that "Griffith" reminds Gene of "griffin," and, as
we learn in  "The Arimaspian Legacy," he has dreams of griffins chasing
after  David.  The less probable answer (though one does not exclude
the  other) is that "Griffith" is David's real last name.  (In  "The
Arimaspian Legacy," we learn that although "David" is the  narrator's
friend's name, "Arimaspian" is not.)

What's really funny is that when I thought of "The Arimaspian Legacy," I  
really had "The Haunted Boardinghouse" in mind.  Isn't there a boy that  goes 
through a window in that one, too?  No wonder I didn't make the right  
Yes, David in "The Arimaspian Legacy" is pursued by griffins.   Griffith 
reminds Gene of griffins, and that's why he covers up the name.   I'm pretty sure 
that's correct.  (Funny, too: I thought of looking up the  book by G. T. 
Griffith, but I didn't.  If I had, I would have discovered  that he's a real 
So David is pursued by griffins and then Gene runs into a griffin/cherub at  
the gate of Paradise, where the revolving flame is (Gen. 3).   Interesting.  
But in "The Arimaspian Legacy," we're told that an  "Arimaspian" is a one-eyed 
thief who is out to steal the gold that the  griffin guards, which is the sun 
and nuclear fission.  In "Slow  Children," the griffin-man (cherub) tells the 
three who come seeking that the  fire is indeed the sun.
More thought is needed....

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